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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> oh, look at that! how big is that, thomas? >> i'm impressed. >> he said hi, thomas. >> dream come true. >> what? >> all right, kids. >> and the orioles beat the yankees last night. he got a little injured. it was not my fault. >> all your fault. >> not my fault. >> tight, hamstrings were tight because he was cold. >> i'm donating 500 bucks to als. >> it is not going to buy the pennant that you just cost the orioles. >> mika, if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's time for "morning joe," but now it's time for the daily rundown with chris alissa in for chuck todd. iraq's prime minister desperately tries to hold on to power as president obama makes it clear it's time to move on without him. what role the u.s. should play
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with senator reid. >> the fbi steps in to investigate how 18-year-old michael brown was killed. legacy of laughter. academy award winner robin williams dead at the age of 63 after an apparent suicide. good morning from washington. it's tuesday, august 12th, 2014. this is the daily rundown. i'm chris cillizza in for chuck todd. we begin this morning, though, in iraq, country dealing with military humanitarian and political crises all at the same time. together they paint a picture of a nation that may be unraveling before our eyes. u.s. officials are saying they're doing what they can and are ready to do more but not until the country is beginning to show some signs of stability. >> without any question, we are prepared to consider additional political, economic and security
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options as iraq starts to build a new government and very much calculated to try to help stabilize the security situation, to expand economic development and to strengthen the democratic institutions. >> secretary of state kerry is referring to concerns that iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki could spread chaos as he tries to hold on to power, despite the nomination of his successor. on monday, crowds of maliki supporters filled the streets of baghdad and members of maliki's political party vowed to stand behind him. a unity government could not include maliki and pick the deputy speaker of parliament to replace him as minister. the obama administration was quick to praise that move. >> under the iraqi constitution, this is an important step towards forming a new government that could unite iraq's different communities. earlier today, vice president
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biden and i call ed dr. abadi t congratulate him and encourage him to krae ate a new cabinet as soon as possible, inclusive of all iraqis. >> fighting goes on northeast of baghdad, and four isis checkpoints were struck in sinjar mountain where thousands of refugees remain trapped. drop of water and food for those refugees monday night. growing calls inside the united kingdom to join the u.s. in launching air strikes as well. for the very latest, i'm joined by nbc's duncan golestani, live in the kurdish capital. fast-moving situation. let's start with the situation on the ground right now.
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good morning, chris. fighting is so localized, going on in many places. because of the way isis fights in the east of the country around about an hour away from baghdad. that town had fell to isis. trying to move back into that town with the support of usair cover. back up here toward the north kurds are happy they've taken over the weekend the town. it's important because it's a north-south transit route. they're celebrating that they have retaken that town. we're hearing there might be a
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rally later on in the center of the city because they are happy and no doubt happy, too, about the news that they may be getting weapons directly from the united states. those weapons desperately needed because they are massively outgunned by isis, chris. >> thank you, duncan. let's bring in deputy spokesperson for state department who joins me in studio. thank you for taking the time. we played secretary of state john kerry. i want to quote him saying the u.s. we consider, quote, additional political economic and security options. can you give us any sense of what those might be? >> increasing our political economic military support in the last days and weeks but particularly since june when isis really rapidly advanced into iraq, further into areas in iraq. i think much quicker than many people would have guessed. this has been a continual process. it will be ongoing as we see a new government get up and running. you mentioned the new prime
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minister designate nominated yesterday. iraqis are surrounding him, which is a good sign. >> his new replacement, he said, would be corrective, controls some of the forces in the military there. what role, beyond supporting the new prime minister designate can the u.s. play? >> including prime minister maliki. there's a process here. while we always knew it would be difficult and certainly not without challenge. many members of the party and elected a new prime minister.
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politics in democracy is tough. we knew it would be difficult. there is a path that we think the iraqis can work on. >> we talked about humanitarian versus political versus policy. this was initially -- our aid to the refugees was cast as a humanitarian effort. now we're involved in a political effort here, nuri al maliki and his successor. how do you deal with the open -- is there an open-ended committee? the senate says there shouldn't be. >> well, there's actually three things at play here. on the political side, we've been having conversations for many weeks about iraq's political transition and the fact that fighting, going forward, is to put a new government in place that can bring iraqis together to do
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that. when you heard the president announce this new military action, the humanitarian piece, air drops that you showed. brits are now joining us. the second part of it was taking strikes to protect erbil, which we've seen. and in the past 24 hours, taking military strikes around the sinjar mountain area to protect the tens of thousands of people trapped on that mountain. we're giving them food and water that they need and taking active military steps to protect them. these are limited objectives here. the president said there's not a specific end date. i think it would be silly to put one down on paper on such a fluid, fast-moving situation. but long term, the iraqis need to have a strategy to fight this war. we're helping them do that with arms, training. >> marie harf from the state department. thank you. >> thank you. let's turn to rhode island democratic senator jack reed, a handful of senators that opposed
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the iraq war the first time around. senator reed, you've heard marie. we've heard from the president, from secretary of state john kerry. there does not appear, in the senate or in the american public, a desire for anything resembling an open-ended commitment. yet we have the humanitarian crisis on sinjar mountain, the battle with isis. we have the situation in the political world of iraq. how does america accomplish its objecti objectives? >> first the president acted to protect american interests particularly in erbil. when that city was threatened we have american diplomats there, other personnel there. american interests, american lives. second, he recognized there was a humanitarian crisis with people trapped and actually being attacked by the isil.
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that will be, i think, rather short in duration until those people are evacuated. the key issue is the issue of the political situation in baghdad. and that is something that we have to respect iraqi institutions, but we also have to make it clear our presence. and the president has done that. it's encouraging to note they have elected a speaker and a president and the president has called for the election of a new prime minister, abadi, who is, i think, a better individual to unify the government. and the key issue in terms of politics is the alienation of the sunni community and the fragmentation of the country. if we put that together, if the iraqis put it together, they're the ones that can do it. limit our involvement over time. >> you talk about the political
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conversation being the most important in both our role and iraq's future. i understand your points about moving on to the next prime minister, but nuri al maliki continues to insist -- he called the appointment or the nomination of the new prime minister an error. his words, not mine. what do we do if he does not choose to step down? do you think that's a possibility? >> he has been someone who has both, through his overt actions, through his comments, has ailiented more iraqis than brought them together. a significant number of people are calling for his resignation. the military has basically indicated in many different ways that they remain loyal to the
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nation, not to the individual maliki as prime minister. these are forces that ultimately will lead to his recognition that he can't go on. it's not going to be smooth. it's going to be an iraqi transition. if the moment for his resignation is building and i think that will continue. >> wall street journal op-ed this morning. the main u.s. strategic priority should now be rolling back into feeding isis so it can't establish a terrorist cal faiph. we have to be careful about the slippery slope here. what's your view on how engaged we should be and what should be the end goal of our involvement here? >> well, we have to, first,
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stabilize the situation. also we have to work with and through the iraqi security forces, and in the ability to go after isis or isil and not only keep them in the box but gradually reclaim the country of iraq. but that is best done and can only be done by effective action by iraqi forces and there are opportunities or occasions we might be able to assist them. those are very limited. this has to be carried on by the iraqi military forces with the leadership that tries to uchltu unify the country rather than divide it. >> including an interview with jeffrey goldberg, this administration did not act
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forcefully enough in the beginning of the uprising and now has this isis problem on their hand that is she warned was a potential if we did not act more aggressively. do you agree or disagree with that criticism? >> secretary clinton is a thoughtful person. i'm sure she gave her best advice to the president. i'm sure he also received a variety of advice with respect to syria. finding reliable forces in which you could provide weapons and training equipment. it's still a challenge to find those reliable sources within syria. i think the president's perspective -- he is the one who is getting the information and the advice from all sorts of quarters. the risk of putting equipment in and seeing it fall into the wrong hands, indeed, we just saw in iraq where an army that we have been training for many, many years collapsed in front of isis and isis seized the equipment. i don't think it's clear cut as
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simply putting in the equipment would have made a difference. syria, like iraq, say political issue ultimately. you have to have the political cohesive forces that can use equipment properly and not misuse it. >> rhode island democratic senator jack reed, thank you for your time. >> thank you. robin williams' sudden death, the actor was found dead monday from an apparent suicide. williams had been battling severe depression, his publicist said. "good will hunting," being remembered as a versatile hunter who could play anyone from an alien to a therapist to teddy roosevelt and dwight eisenhower. we'll share some of those clips for you throughout this hour and, of course, "good morning vietnam" arguably his most political film. >> good morning, vietnam! hey, this is not a test. this is rock 'n' roll. time to rock it from the delta to the dmz. is that me or does that sound
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like an elvis presley move sni. >> what a great character, breakout role for williams, one that showed audiences he could be more than just a comedian, a golden globe and academy award nomination. also earned williams in the place of the hearts of many u.s. service members. along with his work for the homeless in st. jude's children's hospital, he volunteered his time to the uso. uso expressed its condolences on facebook and twitter, calling him one of the great comedic actors of his generation, tweeting robin williams circled the globe, entertaining troops and families, part of the uso family, he will be sorely missed. president obama released a statement on williams' death saying, quote, he gave his immeasurable talent freely to those who needed it most, to those station add broad to those on our own streets. robin williams was 63 years old. up next, key races on this
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august primary day. first, police and protesters clash again in a st. louis suburb. tear gas and rubber bullets fired, outrage over the police shooting that killed the unarmed teen. before a break, a look ahead at today's planner. texas governor rick perry, no, he is not the governor of iowa. is he still there. polls cloe close later tonight on those three primary states, connecticut, wisconsin, minnesota. you're watching the daily rundown on msnbc. so factors like diet can negatively impact good bacteria?
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this afternoon, officials in a st. louis suburb planned to release the name of the officer who fired the shots that killed 18-year-old michael brown, touching off two days of violent protests. last night, police fired tear gas into the crowd, reportedly
6:21 am
using rubber bullets and marching in lockstep to contain the demonstrators. 15 people were arrested. on sunday night, 32 people were arrested when protests turned violent and crowds looted a dozen stores. fbi agents are now investigating the shooting that sparked those protests. police say an officer shot brown during a scuffle with officers at an apartment complex on saturday. witnesses say brown had his hand s up when he was killed. brown's mother told msnbc's al sharpton she wants the violent protests to stop. >> the violence needs to stop. the support is all needed. all needed, but not the violence. >> nbc news correspondent ron allen joins us live from ferguson, missouri, north of st. louis. what do we know about the police plans for releasing the name of the officer today? >> reporter: we expect that later today at some point, chris. it's widely believed here that the officer is a white officer. the force here is predominantly
6:22 am
white. there's a small contingency of black officers on the force. most of the leadership is white, it's a black community. that's the underlying essence of the problem and the tension here. this place behind me, convenience store and gas station was damage aid couple of nights ago. it's about as bad as it gets. also along the street a number of businesses have not opened because of the violence. last night was relatively calm. it's unclear whether the release of the name and identity of the officer will cause emotions to rise again. i think most people think they know who he is anyway at this point. so, again, a night of calm. the other thing happening, there are more protests claimed outside the prosecutor's office and everyone is still trying to figure out what the police here are going to do. there's some feeling of satisfaction that the fbi has gotten involved. they're seen as a better arbiter of what's happening here, if you will, the federal government, as opposed to the local authorities. still from the civil rights
6:23 am
community here and across town, a lot of calls for nonviolence. a lot of calls for calm. there's still a lot of tension here. today is the first day of school. there will be a lot of school children going back in this community. the underlying problems here still remain. and the regulation is going to take some time. so, all of this could simmer for a while. several weeks, the local authorities here are saying. and the feeling in this community is very raw. there's still a lot of anger. the feeling here is what happened -- what they're being told happened was that michael brown essentially was stopped on the streets by the police, that the police sort of, in some way, started the altercation that he was trying to move away from the police car when he was shot. and that he was shot with his hands in the air. the police tell a very different version. they say that he physically assault an officer, that there was a fight inside the vehicle, a shot was fired inside the vehicle and that the officer essentially was retaliating for something that michael brown allegedly started.
6:24 am
so, two very different versions of what happened. that's why there's still so much anger here. it's going to take a while. reverend al sharpton, who is also, of course, the host of the msnbc show, will be here later today to talk to the family and talk to the community. and, again, it's the hope and the call is for nonviolent protests and hopefully, that will continue here as this goes forward. >> i just want to quickly zero in on -- you mentioned the fbi getting involved. do we know what role they're playing? is it a support role? are they taking over the investigation? where do they fall on this whole thing? >> they're not taking over the investigation. they're pretty clear about that. conducting a parallel investigation. the federal government, of course, can charge civil rights violations in a context like this, a very broad category of charges that essentially says michael brown was not able to carry out his constitutional rights to live in peace and walk down the street. that's the federal charge that perhaps could come.
6:25 am
the local charge, of course, is could be charges against the police officer, state charge of aggravated -- of murder is what some people want to see happen here. homicide. so, again, that's what the federal role is. there's a long history of the federal government superseding and intervening when local and state authorities won't. that's why there's some comfort in that here. chris? >> ron allen in ferguson, missouri. thank you, ron. governor's financial woes and broken marriage are in the spotlight in virginia. even more details on the corruption trial of bob mcdowell. as we continue to remember actor robin williams today, here is something you might not know -- i didn't. politics runs in the williams
6:26 am
family. robin williams' great great grandfather ansel mccluren was the 34th governor of mississippi back in the 1890s. that's where he got his middle name, mccluren. williams played our 34th president, dwight eisenhower, in 2013 in lee daniel's "the butler." >> could cause another civil war. >> sir, if the federal government doesn't enforce brown, then who will? the south must comply with the law. >> it's just going to take some time to adjust. that's all. >> i understand, mr. president. but if they continue to block the negro children, what do we do? we must enforce the constitution. my motheit's delicious. toffee in the world. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen.
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the corruption trial for former republican governor bob mcdonell is now in its third week. >> close to the halfway point and we look forward to begin our case some time soon. >> in a plot ready made for "house of cards," his ex-brother-in-law provided the most extensive evidence yet that the governor's personal financial problems motivated a deeper relationship with dietary supplements executive johnny williams. michael unkefer managed the two beach rental homes the governor owned along with his sister and testified that the properties were hemorrhaging money and that mcdonnell received $100 million loan from his father and a $50,000 loan from a radiologist friend before accepting a $75,000 loan from williams.
6:31 am
martin kent, who prosecutors brought to the stand to prove that mcdonnell's staffers were mostly in the dark with his relationship with the wealthy businessman. police protection unit complained after williams' ferrari was driven home from his lake home telling them it hurt morale. they can't protect him if they are driving behind him. several former mcdonnell aides say a meeting ended with him pulling the supplement out of his pocket and telling them that it helped him. jeff, i hesitate to ask this question. what's been your biggest surprise here? i feel like this is a long-running, three-week running political soap opera. what surprised you? >> there seemed to be no end of surprises. last week it appeared, according
6:32 am
to the testimony that, mrs. mcdonnel was interested in a second new york shopping spree. of course, that big new york shopping spree is part of the government's case against the mcdonnells and that mrs. mcdonnell, ordersing her anniversary party, the couple's 35th at a virginia vineyard suggested one of her daughters be seated with johnny williams, the family benefactor, that she should engratiate herself to him and plant the seeds for another dash to new york and all those stores. >> i heard the governor in the clip we played saying it feels good to be about halfway through. what's next? and do we have a timeline? this is week three. do we have a timeline on when this wraps up and we get some sort of decision? >> we are at the 31st witness,
6:33 am
former attorney general kilgore, a lobbyist for williams' company, in its attempt to secure state funding for that public resurge that williams believed was essential to validating his disputed dietary product. the defense is expecting to begin its case in about a week. at least the dates on the defense subpoenas suggest that would be the case. this case could continue into the labor day break. the judge had scheduled five to six weeks of testimony. so, this is definitely having a disruptive effect on people's summer plans. >> jeff, quickly, i want to touch on your column, which i loved from today talking about the mcdonnell marriage being painted ace' loving couple by the prosecutors or troubled marriage where they barely talked by the defense. where do we come down on all of
6:34 am
that? >> well, of course, the mcdonnell marriage has always been an important data point in bob mcdonnell's political sae assent. now it appears it's an important database -- excuse me, data point in saving himself from these charges. the picture of the family is very different than the one that was presented, of course, in those many years in public life. particularly mrs. mcdonnell. depending on the day and who is testifying, she's either capable of the rage of lady macbeth, the emotional frailty of blanche dubois and throw in snooki for good measure. >> jeff shapiro, it's impossible for you to have a better line than that, rocking his bow tie strong. thank you, jeff.
6:35 am
i'll talk to two republican contenders vying to unseat connecticut's dan malloy. watch chuck todd's special on richard nixon's resignation right now on our website, ody knows tha. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, a medium macchiato, and two espressos -- one with a double shot. that's not the coffee talkin'. [ female announcer ] start your day with kellogg's frosted mini wheats cereal. it's a delicious way to get the nutrition you want. so factors like diet can negatively impact good bacteria?
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no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at primaries will decide which candidate three first-term governors will face in the fall. after pushing through a $1.5 billion tax increase, multibillion dollar budget gap he inherited in 2010, two republicans are vying to take him on, tom foley, who served as ambassador to ireland under president bush is hoping for a rematch, running against republican john mckinney, state senate minority leader who has represented newtown for eight
6:39 am
terms. calling mckinney a career politician and who has crossed the aisle too many times to back malloy's programs. and newtown shooting, that he has the courage and conviction to stand and up do the right thing. from nicole hawkley, who lost her son at sandy hook. foley and mckinney debated over the sweeping gun law that malloy signed into law. >> that the governor wasn't advocating for. this was an overreaching bill. >> i was there that day, tom. i lived through those people. i saw the pain they had. you were 6500 votes away from being their governor at the time. you didn't offer any help for the people of newtown during that tragedy. >> turning to another state where the gop is trying to prove it's still a viable party. minnesota where democratic governor mark dayton sneaked
6:40 am
through to a victory. foiv republicans are competing for the nomination in the state's truly contested republican primary for governor since the 1920s. >> also in minnesota today, investment banker mike mcfadden faces a handful of opponents, kicking off his bid to unseat al franken, elected by just 312 votes six years ago, after a lengthy recount. the question there, will a tough national political government make franken more vulnerable in november than he looks today? in wisconsin, mary burke, who has come out swinging against the governor. confusion about whether they have to show photo i.d. to cast a ballot. they don't but some poll watchers worry there could be confusion given that the state supreme court voted that the photo i.d. law is
6:41 am
constitutional. the contest to take on dan malloy. mr. foley, thank you for resource time. in 2010, a very good year for republicans, you lost this race. what makes you think you can beat governor malloy now? >> i only lost by 6,000 votes or less than half a percent. we had a very high profile race. so that cost me both -- i think people now have had an opportunity 3 1/2 years under governor malloy to see what higher taxes, out of control spending from anti-business policies meant for families in connecticut, a large majority of people in connecticut think the state is on the wrong track. they're looking for change. they know me. they're familiar with me. i think they'll think i'm the
6:42 am
person to take them to a better place. >> thank you, mr. foley. challenging him in the primary today, john mckinney. you have focused the campaign on guns and mr. foley's position or lack thereof on them. is that a winning message in a republican primary? >> we have actually been focusing on jobs and the economy. we have a plan to strengthen state government. the issue related to the gun bill is expected -- i've taken a position and mr. foley has been unwilling to take positions throughout the campaign and i think people get frustrated by politicians who won't answer questions. kind of hoping you'll come back tomorrow to your hometown and vote for me. >> state senator mckinney, you know how to get to my heart.
6:43 am
good old marlboro. hello to my parents. coming up, democratic national convention. and before we break, we continue to remember the long list of roles immortalized by the late robin williams. fast-talking, no holds barred comedian, also a juilliard trained actor. before hollywood and juilliard, he studied political science and put that knowledge to good use in the 2006 film "man of the year" playing a talk show host to runs for president, turning a presidential debate into his own personal one-man show. >> we're not exploring opportunities, feels like methane, hard to do, holding that chicken over the gas tank or ethanol, which is basically fuel -- >> mr. -- >> it's grain alcohol. stopped by the police. my car has been drinking, not me, baby. or maybe helium. if you have a helium car -- if you have a helium car that gets rear ended, next thing you know, hey, something's wrong.
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good news, bad news, three-day truce between israel and hamas. good news, there hasn't been any fighting. the bad news, there hasn't been much progress on peace talks either. still a big gap between the two sides. israel is willing to make some concessions, including easing travel between gauze wra and the west bank and allowing more goods to be sent from israel to gaza. so far, hamas is sticking to demands that israel end the blockade of gaza, something israel has refused to do. now to more news overseas, the first european has died in the worldwide ebola outbreak that has claimed more than 1,000 lives. a priest die friday spain after contracting the virus in liberia. two americans being treated for ebola were aide worker s aid
6:48 am
workers in that same city. they received an experimental ebola treatment. the son of american aid work er nancy writebol says she's getting better. >> every day she has been here at emery has been a better day for her along the recovery process. we've seen her get physically better, her eyes brighten up, her countenance goes up, smiling, even joking a little bit. >> writebol is being treated in atlanta with dr. content brantley, releasing a statement saying he's also, quote, growing stronger. robin williams' sudden death yesterday means he will appear in several films post dhumously
6:49 am
including "night at the museum iii." >> thank you. >> not at all. theodore roosevelt, 26th president of these united states of america at your service. >> okay. i'm larry daly, the new night guard. >> pleasure to meet you, lawrence daly. you'll have to excuse me, though. the hunt is afoot. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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6:53 am
birmingham is making the mark as 2016 running to host the dnc. last month the republican national committee announced the convention will take place in cleveland. hello, cleveland. eliminating that city as the list of contenders. they visited alabama's largest city last month and the mayor announced they'll be back this week for a second look. site selection committee is currently in brooklyn and heads to philadelphia tomorrow. my reporting and what i've read, two cities philadelphia and brooklyn seem the most likely choices. i would keep an eye on philadelphia, i believe the 2000 republican convention. philly is the only city on the list that hosted a convention before, as i mentioned. brooklyn has not, they do have a basic team and manhattan hosted convention for both parties in recent years.
6:54 am
2016 would be a first for birmingham. even though jefferson county, where the magic city, i bet you didn't know it was called that, was called that. voted for president obama in 2012. alabama has not voted for a democrat for president since jimmy carter. alabama's governor robert bentley is a republican and republicans control the state house. if democrats decide on birmingham, the city is going to have to get ready very quickly. the dnc said the chosen host city must meet the logics kl including fundraising and hotel and transportation. birmingham would need to raise in the area of $30 million for upgrades to the city with another $49 million coming from a federal security grant bringing the total price tag to $79 million. the city and the surrounding areas have the number of hotel rooms approximately 18,000 needed to host the dnc, media,
6:55 am
and guests. but the public transportation system. uh-huh ranked 94 out of 100 in the nation's largest metro area. the host city is expected to be announced late this year or early next year. that does it for this edition of the "daily run down." jose will have a live record from ferguson , missouri. and an actress that credits robin williams for helping her breakthrough. really? because esurance saved me money in half that time. can i...? oh you can be in it! no need to photo-bomb me. hashbrown. selfie. yeah... that's not how it works. 15 minutes for a quote isn't how it works anymore. start with a quote from esurance and you could save money on car insurance in half the time. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. the cadillac summer collection is here.
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6:59 am
the world mourns the death of actor robin williams. we'll mark his life and legacy on this tuesday, 12th of august. good morning, i'm jose diaz ball later. the volatile situation in ferguson, missouri. this afternoon ferguson police will release the name of the officer who fired the shot that killed michael brown an unarmed 18-year-old. the st. louis suburb remains on edge. police use riot gear, tear gas to disperse crowds and made 50 arrests as another night of violence broke out. the ap reports officers shot bean bag rounds at the crowd after the protesters threw rocks. the fbi is investigating for potential civil rights violation. it's not clear how saturday's shooting went down. police say brown reached into the car to attack the officer and there was a struggle for the
7:00 am
officer's gun. but a witness told chris hayes last night it did not happen that way. >> they did not reach forest fire a weapon at all. he did not reach for the officer's weapon at all. >> he did not initially assault the officer. i didn't see it. i was standing in the officer's driver door window, where he touched the officer any type of threatening way. >> lowrie of the washington post is in ferguson this morning. we have seen two nights of violence so far. i want to read a tweet. an overwhelming feeling that the entire town is on edge. that everything is ready to explode. it's horrifying. tell me about your sense of what you're seeing there. >> of course. i got -- thank you for having me. second of all. i got in yesterday which was after most the looting. you can see the gas station that took the brunt of the rioting that happened two nights ago. last night it was


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